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Community Resources

Below you will find a list and compilation of Trans Friendly Community Resources in Charlotte, NC. We don't have any affiliation with the organizations listed, so please contact them for more information.


Volunteers Packing Food
Bankrate Inc.
Helping LGBTQ students find loans and scholarships..
100 5th Avenue, 16th Floor | New York, NY 10011
Community Resources

Alcohol Help

Advance treatment. Confidentiality. Free hotline. Human support. Seek help now! Alcohol, Treatment, Recovery, Family

If you seek help & or make a call (866) 672-5181 Operators available 24/7

Internet Advisor

Internet Advisor, has an in-depth page dedicated to the best internet providers in the Charlotte  area that would be extremely useful to anyone visiting your site, especially people seeking information and resources related to the pandemic.


Feelingthropic Inc.

227 W. 4th Street #110 | Charlotte, NC 28202 | 704-440-4429 | Website:

* Provide services & comprehensive services for youth and teens "aging out" of foster care.  

Running Works

901-E North Tryon Street | Charlotte, NC 28206 | 980-500-8786 | Website: 

* Wellness, job connections, housing resources, bus passes, laundry, counseling 

TimeOut Youth

3800 Monroe Road | Charlotte, NC 28205 | 704-344-8335 | Website:

* Center for LGBTQ Youth & Allies ages 11-20. Advocacy, food, support groups, and more *


Dr. Holly Savoy, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychotherapy

5970 Fairview Road, Suite 412 | Charlotte, NC 28210 | Office Phone: 704-362-4041 (Receptionist available 8am-3pm to assist with scheduling and general questions) | Email:

* Counseling, training & consulting. Individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, with a specialization in LGB and transgender-affirming therapy.

Dr. Jocie Sweeney, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychologist

811 Central Avenue, Suite B | Charlotte, NC 28204 | Office Phone: 980-236-0734 |

Transcend Charlotte

3800  Monroe Road, Suite B | Charlotte, NC 28205 | 704-980-8509 | Website:

Counseling Services, Case Management, Xpression Space, Group Support

Debt Management

Cynthia Gurukar

9430 Research Blvd | Building 4, Suite 400

Austin, TX 78759

Our experts created a guide to help LGBTQ+ Americans with their personal finances by covering five key areas, including retirement planning, insurance, and credit card debt.

Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Drug Treatment Centers

DRS Drug Treatment Centers in Charlotte, NC

ADDICTED.ORG Available 24/7 @ 1 (800) 304-2219

Health Care Resources

Care Ring | Share Charlotte 

Health Service for Uninsured, Underinsured (704) 375-0172

Charlotte Community Health


Charlotte Trans Healthcare Group

C.W. Williams Community Health Center

3333 Wilkinson Blvd 28208 | (704) 393-7720

HIV Testing / Support Groups

RAIN Inc. Charlotte
601 E. 5th St. #470

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 372-RAIN |

Carolina's Care Partnership

5855 Executive Center Dr. 

Charlotte, NC 28212

704-496-9586 |

Housing & Utilities Assistance

Charlotte Community Resources

Providing assistance with Rent and Utilities 



Crisis Assistance Ministry

500 Spratt St, Charlotte NC

704-371-3001 ext. 117 |

* Food, clothing, help with bills, household items, cost of hotels, energy assistance, rent money *

The Salvation Army Center of Hope Woman's Shelter

534 Spratt St. 

Charlotte, NC 28206

(704) 348-2560

St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

6828 Old Reid Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28210

Provides assistance up to $100 with living expenses


The Relatives Crisis Shelter, Alexander Youth Network

119 East 8th Blvd.,

Charlotte, NC

704-377- 0602 |

* short-term youth shelter, crisis intervention, family services * 


Roof Above | Homeless Men's Shelter

945 N. College St. 

Charlotte, NC 28206

(704) 347-0278

* Lunch, counseling, mail services, laundry facilities, showers, bathrooms, and other services *

Legal Resources

Charlotte's Legal-Aid 

1431 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204 (704) 376-1600

District Attorney

700 East Trade St.

Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 686-0700


The Center for Community Transitions

5825 Old Concord Rd

Charlotte, NC 28213


* Emergency referrals for ex-offenders, counseling, employment services, support groups *

Re-Entry Services - Mecklenburg County Government

801 E. 4th Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

(980) 314-5053

*Providing people with criminal records & their families tools and resources to rebuild their lives.


LGBTQ Substance Abuse Resources

Substance abuse is a threat across the spectrum of U.S. demographics, and mental/emotional wellness issues know no boundaries. These are public health issues. However, there’s a statistically higher rate of mental illness, mental health struggles, and substance abuse in the LGBTQ+ community when compared to others. These struggles don’t take place in isolation. They occur in the context of stress created by isolation, discrimination, and a lack of support systems for LGBTQ+ individuals in society at large.

Promise Resource Network (PRN)

1041 Hawthorne Lane

Charlotte, NC 28205

(980) 321-4146

Soup Kitchen

Dilworth Soup Kitchen

Mondays: First Christian Church 1200 East Blvd 11:30-12:30 pm

Tuesdays: Ascension Lutheran Church 1225 E Morehead St 11:30-12:30 pm

Wednesday: St Mark’s United Methodist 917 Clanton Rd 11:30-12:30 pm

Saturday: Sacrifice of Praise Ministries 2806 L D Parker Dr. 12:00-1:00 pm

Below is a list that was created by Commonwealth Charlotte & has even more resources!