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Sandra James Saunders

Sandra's- Pronouns are : They/Them - Sandra is an Army Veteran and pet mom. After leaving the military, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a Doctor of Social Work. She married her loving wife Sarah and has been living joyful days based on the personal desire to create a space that reflects who she is at all times. 


Sandra’s mission is to establish professional relationships with decision makers who also have a vision to connect cultural and diverse services that reflect LGBTQIA+ community members. She has energetically put in the work while on her career path, to help bridge the gap and enlighten communities that lack awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues. With her background and current educational track, She understands firsthand how LGBTQIA+ issues correlate with issues in communities that are socially accepted as “normal”. 


Sandra aims to use her background for the betterment of underserved communities and is honored to engage with There is Still Hope | Charlotte as a board member and Case Manager; an organization that “gets it.” While working with clients, donors, and staff members, she’s eager to bring her skill set to the table and gain additional experiences that will push the Charlotte community and surrounding areas forward.

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