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Rev. Debra J. Hopkins

Rev. Debra J. Hopkins

Educational Consultant | Mentor | Motivational Speaker | Founder & CEO of There’s Still Hope of the Carolinas.


      Rev. Debra J. Hopkins is a distinguished Educational Consultant, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. As the Founder and Chief Executive Operator of There’s Still Hope of the Carolinas, formerly known as There’s Still Hope Charlotte, Rev. Hopkins has dedicated her life to empowering the transgender community and advocating for sustainable housing and equality.


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About There’s Still Hope of the Carolinas

Rev. Hopkins founded There’s Still Hope Charlotte, Inc. as a transitional housing program for transgender adults experiencing homelessness. Under her leadership, the program has achieved a remarkable success rate, with 73.85% of its residents securing permanent housing. Additionally, the organization’s Community Giveback Program supports over 300 food-insecure and homeless individuals through mentoring, clothing, and food distribution, facilitated by community engagement, volunteering, and generous donations. 

Accomplishments and Contributions 

  • Community Leadership: Rev. Hopkins is a sought-after speaker, coach, mentor, and consultant within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Advocacy: A powerful advocate for sustainable housing and equality, she conducts coaching, mentoring, and educational workshops. 

  • Public Speaking: Known for her compelling speeches at events ranging from small gatherings to large rallies, including audiences with government officials and organizations. 

  • Awards: Honored with prestigious awards from The National LGBTQ Task Force, The Freedom Center for Social Justice, The Carolinas LGBT Chamber of Commerce, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Transitioning of the Carolinas, and the Human Rights Commission. 

  • Author: Published “Not Until You Have Walked In My Shoes,” available on Amazon, and has written several anthologies on Stories of resilience.

Educational Background 

  • B.A. in Business Management & Leadership from Carver Bible College (1990) 

  • B.A. in Christian Education from Brooklyn Bible College (1986) 

  • Master of Theology from New York Theological Seminary (1981) 

  • Teaching Career: Former Middle School Teacher specializing in Language Arts and Social Studies 

  • Ministry: Licensed and ordained minister for over 49 years and served as a senior pastor for 37 years. 


Rev. Hopkins believes in the extraordinary power of words and the impact of collective action. Her philosophy centers on the idea that we can all be “Voices for Change'' through active participation and community involvement. She is committed to providing hope, motivation, and education to address the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, helping individuals live their authentic lives. 

Personal Life 

Rev. Hopkins is the proud parent of three adult children and grandmother to eight. 


For more information, to book Rev. Hopkins for a speaking engagement, or to learn how you can support There’s Still Hope of the Carolinas, please contact us.


(843) 968-3822

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