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Transfaith, our fiscal sponsor is a nationally non-profit organization that is led by transgender people. They are a multi-tradition, multi-gender, multi-generational organization working to support transgender spiritual/cultural workers and their leadership in community. They work closely with many allied organizations, secular, spiritual, and religious, transgender-led and otherwise. Louis Mitchell Board Member of Transfaith says; “we sometimes fiscally-sponsor brilliant and resilient groups that are closely aligned with our mission. There’s Still Hope exemplifies that mission. We are delighted to support There’s Still Hope and the work of the Rev Debra J. Hopkins as she works to establish an independent 501-©3 status. We are strong together!”

Believe Out Loud is an online community that empowers Christians to work for justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and a sexual [LGBTQIA] people. Reaching a monthly average of more than 3 million people per month, we are the leading platform for Christian faith and LGBTQIA advocacy.

Caldwell Presbyterian Church established in 1912, Caldwell Presbyterian Church embraces its call to be a diverse, progressive and mission-oriented congregation centered on justice and advocacy.

They seek to hear God’s call not only as individuals but also as a progressive, missionary community striving to reflect the Kingdom of God in the here and now.

Essentials for Life Ministries we are a non-denominational religious organization that believes being a part of the local church is not about religion, but a cultivated relationship with our Creator. We are focused on welcoming people to join us as they are; there isn’t a mold you have to fit before you walk through our doors. No, it’s a place where you can come with all of your questions, no matter what they are. For we are a diverse and inclusive ministry whose mission is to inspire in ALL a love for our Creator, a passion for justice, righteousness, and a consciousness of our duty to God and our fellow human beings with the commitment to:

  • Connect

  • Equip & 

  • Transform – One person at a time!

Many Voices a black church movement for gay and transgender justice, envisioned a community that embraces the diversity of the human family and ensures that all are treated with love, compassion, and justice.

Ministry Beyond Welcome is a community-focused nonprofit organization, formed and led by trans/transgender and gender non-conforming persons, working for greater acceptance, affirmation, socio-political accommodations and potential spiritual thriving for individual members of our shared community, as well as the community as a whole.

The Freedom Center for Social Justice is a culture-shifting organization committed to the growth, safety, and empowerment of marginalized populations. Their vision is a world where equal protections and opportunities exist for all. Through advocacy, community education, and faith-based organizing, they are committed to providing the support that opens doors, raises awareness and create life-giving change.


















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