Sebastian Sanchez


Sebastian Sanchez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is a proud Puerto Rican and Honduran. His parents raised him to believe he could become anything he wants and all he had to do is work hard for it. As he grew up, he watched his mother work 5 days a week and go to school at night.  It showed him that hard work always pays off. That one dream come true could be worth all the scars you have. In July 2010, He moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with his mother and stepfather. He always felt he could make a change in this world. Following the lead of his mother, he worked hard and became impeccable with his customer service and people skills. He is currently a student at Central Piedmont Community College, seeking an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts.

Sebastian says he is very excited to be a part of There's Still Hope Charlotte because as a transgender man he understands how it feels and is able to relate to the unique needs of transgender individuals. While he grew up with a supportive mother and family, not a lot of transgender people have that privilege. It can cause many mental health issues, as well as issues with housing which is unfortunate because everyone deserves their basic needs met. It's not fair that people need to worry about finding a place to sleep at or even where they will get their next meal.

As Sebastian was growing up his mother would take him with her to volunteer at different places. One such place was The Ronald McDonald house. They would also volunteer in activities to serve the community like feeding the homeless. It became a passion to serve and work in nonprofit where he could help. He has always believed he could make an impact on the world and is grateful for the opportunity.

In 2016 as a Trans man who just started to transition, his therapist informed him of a retreat that can help him be around positive influences and people who can help him grow. So that’s when he learned about The Freedom Center for Social Justice. They helped him get a scholarship ticket so he could have a life-changing experience and it did just that.  After the TFAAN retreat, he left with so many people who became like family to him. Without a doubt, it helped him grow. In his capacity with There’s Still Hope, he has taken on the project of helping maintain the website and any other projects that the team needs help with. He loves a good challenge and loves to help others. He enjoys taking on projects and seeing them to completion. As a member on the Board of Directors at There's Still Hope CLT, Sebastian looks forward to the challenges and the projects he will undertake!

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