Rene' Couret


Rene’ Couret is an Interfaith Spiritual Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Wellness Advocate, and Certified Peer Support Specialist. After publishing her book and being homeless for 8 months in 2017, she started a ministry called Peace, Justice, and Total Wellness. Rene coins herself a Queer Wellness Advocate. She is passionate about working with the LGBT community and specifically helping Transgender individuals in crisis.


She is a proud mom of two children and has lived in Charlotte for 3 years, spending the last couple of years focusing on the Faith and Social Justice Arena by helping marginalized and oppressed individuals, encouraging them to take care of their mind, body, spirit, and advocacy. Having experienced homelessness and countless crisis situations throughout her whole life, Rene is an expert on crisis and recovery, believing ‘There’s a blessing in the crisis and that is you.’ This quote comes from her book entitled, How to Recognize Your Bullshit”.

Rene comes to There’s Still Hope with many gifts and talents. Although she was a high school dropout and experienced time behind bars at the age of 18, she turned her life around and went on to earn her graduate degree 12 years later. Her education focus was on Theatre, Communications, and Social Psychology, using arts for Healing and Social Justice. Her Master’s Degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and she has a large resume of experience with skills in the areas of nonprofit marketing, arts marketing, social justice, management, fundraising, social media, public relations, web and graphic design, research, and business plan development. She also attended an Interfaith Seminary and comes with a gentle, unconditional loving spirit that believes in unity and helping people heal from painful religious oppression and dogma.


Having been on the same path of work and sharing many of the same ideas and visions as Rev. Debra J. Hopkins, it was a natural connection and they had early discussions of There’s Still Hope over the past couple of years prior to its inception. Both of them doing the work separately, now together, Rene feels honored to be a member of The Board of Directors in the role of Assistant Director and is looking forward to what they are going to further create together and how this team will continue to support and empower the Transgender community here in Charlotte North Carolina and beyond.

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