There’s Still Hope | Charlotte

Under Restructuring!!!

Our program is currently under a Restructuring

Process until April 12th.

Several of our clients actions and behavior who are no longer in our program in 2020 and 2021, has forced our program to pause while this process takes place.

To show the Property we’ve taken the actions and behavior of our clients seriously, we have spent February & March 2021 revising our Social Media Sites, Guidelines, Rules & Regulations Client Handbook with stricter legal actions and penalties written more clearly. Along with trying to hire a licensed Clinician Therapist to help manage our Client’s actions and behavior more closely. … We feel this is absolutely necessary for the security and well-being of all of our clients. …

As many of you know There’s Still Hope | Charlotte doesn't have it’s own property, but last winter, my organization signed a contract with an Extended Stay Company out of Virginia which serves the North Carolina Region. This contract made possible for our program to provide the type of “housing” our Clients should have, “Studio Style Units”. Under the terms of this agreement; our clients have to sign and agreement with both the “housed at” property and There’s Still Hope | Charlotte to adhere to all Guidelines, Rules & Regulations & their participation in our Steps to Stability Program. Violation of these agreements; clients must vacate the Property immediately. No excuse or exceptions. … Our program was designed to provide the assistance, help, and supportive services necessary to our Homeless Trans Community; providing they adhere to the Guidelines, Rules & Regulations of the Property they were assigned to; and their participation & completion of our Steps to Stability Program…


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There’s Still Hope | Charlotte, is a Trans-led, fiscally sponsored 501 (c3) nonprofit organization that provides transitional housing to eligible individuals. Our program is specifically for Transgend