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We provide a Transitional Housing Program to qualified Homeless Transgender &  Gender Non-Binary Adults - ages 24 and above.


                    "One in five transgender people have been homeless at some point in their lives and unfortunately, no matter what circumstances led to their homelessness, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, addiction, mental illness, domestic violence - being homeless for many Transgender adults and victims of domestic violence, especially for women of color, sadly continues to be a very difficult and dangerous situation to be in." - Rev. Debra J. Hopkins

         "Anyone can be homeless at any point and time, yes! And yet, while most people can't fathom the idea of not having a roof over their head or a daily shower, millions of people suffer everyday with homelessness.  Unfortunately, the number of homeless people far outweighs the number of shelters in our communities.  This is just part of the many problems for transgender adults here in Charlotte.  Access to too many of the local homeless shelters throughout the city is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, because of the homophobic attitudes and position people take towards these individuals many are turned away in frustration." - Jessica


Rev. Debra J. Hopkins


A native New Yorker and a proud Trans Woman, Debra J. Hopkins is a licensed non-denominational minister who has been actively involved in ministry through pastoral care, writing, and activism for over four decades. 

She is the Founding Pastor of Essentials for Life Ministries, an Online ministry focused on spiritual renewal and wholeness in a fragmented world.


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